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2023 Jr. Teen Texas
Salina Ramirez
2022 Texas United World Royalty

Hi! My name is Salina Ramirez and I am 12 years old in 7th grade from Corpus Christi, Tx. I am your Jr Teen Texas United World! and the founder of Be K.I.N.D-Kids Inspiring New Deeds. My platform is young adults serving in the community and I am passionate about serving others with small acts of kindness. 

2023  Teen Texas
Danielle Luna

“I am passionate about giving back in anyway possible to different organizations (such as Dress for Success, SAFE, + other charitable causes/organizations). I am a fur mom to 4 pups, half Nicaragüense + half Cuban, and bilingual. 
My family and I collect and send donations year round to Nicaragua for over 10 years, I have participated in 5 FLC International Children’s Foundation fashion shows for a cause to benefit the building of schools in the Philippines for children, and I am passionate about SAFE’s message which is Stop Abuse For Everyone. 
I can’t wait to bring you along my journey and share more with you all throughout my year. I will do my best to make Texas proud!
Miss Texas United World 
Jasmine Correa”

Miss Texas
Jasmine Correa

Kimberly lives in the Dallas, Texas area and works as both a national Senior Event Planner as well as a U.S. Masters Swimming coach. She can be found nearly every day in the gym and competes in fitness events like HYROX and Spartan races, along with competing nationally in swimming. 

Kimberly's platform is volunteerism, and she has developed a legacy project called “One for One” which encourages and inspires children to give up one hour of screen time for one hour of volunteering every week. She has raised nearly 2 million dollars for over 30 organizations, has been a United Nations Volunteer for almost 5 years and earned two President’s Volunteer Service Awards from two former presidents.

Her favorite quote: I will never turn down my ambition because someone else is uncomfortable with the volume.

2023 Ms. Texas
Kimi Bader
2023 Mrs. Texas
Jenileigh Sawatzke
Former Texas United World Royalty
Pre-Teen Texas - Aryanna Luther.jpeg
2021 Pre-Teen Texas
Aryanna Luther
2021 Teen Texas
Kamila Apter
2021 Miss Texas
Lesly Garcia
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2021 Ms. Texas
Ronica Jackson
mrs texas green 1 .JPG
2021 Mrs. Texas
Tara Hooper
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