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 May 24-25, 2025

The Lone Star Convention Center & Expo

Ready to join the family?

Sign up now to represent your city or county. 

Winners advance to the United World Pageants® International Finals!

Be sure to read over eligibility and areas of competition prior to registering.

Texas United World (State Preliminary) - If you live in the state of Texas you qualify to compete for the Texas titles.

Oklahoma United World (State Preliminary) - If you live in the state of Oklahoma you qualify to compete for the Oklahoma titles.


South Central United World (Regional Preliminary) - If you live in a state that does NOT have a preliminary, you qualify to sign up to compete for the regional titles.

Deadline to Register is April 24th, 2025

 At minimum, the Deposit payment is due to register. The Deposit payment is deducted from the overall entry amount. Monthly payments are required on remaining fees after registering. Sash is ordered once your entry is, at minimum, half paid. All fee's must be paid prior to the Registration Deadline. All payments are non-refundable/non-transferable.


Registration Form

Age Division - As of Jan 1, 2025 or you may move up a division if you have a birthday between Jan 1 - Sept 1, 2025
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Thanks for submitting and welcome to the TUW Family! We'll be in touch soon.

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